Our First 100 Funders

Our First 100 Funders are a group of philanthropic pioneers who believed in the mission and purpose of Our Fund Foundation. They pledged their support for a period of three years by committing a significant annual contribution during the first three years of operation.

Half of our First 100 Funders’ contributions was dedicated to supporting startup costs and initial operations of the Foundation. The remaining half was granted directly to local agencies who support and meet the needs of the LGBT community.

Our Fund Foundation would not be in existence today without the generous giving of this group who have set an example of practicing philanthropy in support of the LGBT community.

Our Initial Supporters

We are proud to honor this key group of initial supporters of The Our Fund Foundation.

Platinum Level


Neil Burmeister and Robert Romano

Ted Emery

Tom Gerrard and Dan Hellman

Kenneth Hollander and John Kardos

Mona Pittenger

Diamond Level

$30,000 – $44,999


Brian McNaught and Raymond Struble

Wayne A. Schrebe

Dick Schwarz and Tom Massey

Jim Stepp and Peter Zimmer

Gold Level

$15,000 – $29,999

Brian Cann

Bill Fortune and Joe Blakley

James K. LaBrie

Chuck Loring

Shawn Newman and Dennis Redmond

Northern Trust

Jorge Enrique Pena

Bruce Presley and Christopher Hedlund

Coleman Prewitt and Mark Conaghan

Jeff and Belinda Shover

Neil A. Smithson

Anthony Timiraos and Arthur Crispino

David Webb and W. Lynn McLaughlin

B. Rodney White and Michael Williams

George Zuber and Anthony Snyder

Silver Level

$7,500 – $14,999

Darcy Beeman

Paul Fasana

Susan Greenhawt and Jan Faust

Peter Grossman and Lawrence Timmins

Ellen and Ed Krider

Marc Labossiere and Andrew Nease

Kent McIntyre and John Tambasco

Lil Roberts

Selzer and Weiss, Attorneys at Law

Take Shape

Ted Uno and Derek Peake

Bronze Level

$4,500 – $7,499

DC Allen and Ken Flick

Brian Altschuler (in memory of Ernest J. Borowsky)


Bob Avian and Peter Pileski

Ira. J. Baer and Drew Tabatchnick

Shawna Baker

Louis Benevento and Patrick Duffy

Harry Blumenfeld and Martin Falzack

Mark Budwig and Nick Scalzo

Angel J. Burgos and David Jobin

Peter Burleigh

Ron Chapman and Crane McCune

Jerry Chasen and Mark Kirby

John Colla-Negri

Daniel Cotlowitz and Timothy Saltsman

Tracey Cramer

Philip Dearborn

Stephen Draft and Allen Peterson

Irwin Drucker

Christopher Dunham

Don Gentile

Rick Gibson

Bennett Goldworth

Mark Gordon and Aldo Buono

Donald L. Green and Gene Ingledue

Arnold Guior and Atilano Gimenes

Jeffrey Haines and Thomas Echea

Charles Hindmarsh

Charlie Isola and Dan Clancy

Randolph H. James, CPA

Eric Johnson and James de Jesus

James A. Johnson

Robert Judd

Ken Keechl and Ted Adcock

Mark Ketcham and Werner Lutz

Lea P. Krauss, Esq.

Robert Kuhn and Steven Geyer

Thomas Leffler

John Leyden and Tom Valentine

William Linehan

Barry Marcus and Stuart Glazer

Mobley McClellan

John McGowan and David Robbins

David McHarg

Chuck Nicholls and Mark Turner

Richard Nolan and Robert Pingpank

Law office of George Castrataro

William O’Leary

John Olson and Steven Fender

Joe Pallant

James Pepper

Douglas Pew and Donald Croxton

Jason Pucci and Michael Foncannon

Manuel Ramirez and David Eccleston

Herbert Reis and William Coffey

Edward Richard and Warren Kendrick

Richard Rison and John Tolley

Charles Ross

Lee Rubin and Jim Walker

Dorothy Sander and Lorraine Powers

Theodore Schultz

Elizabeth F. Schwartz, Esq. and Lydia Martin

Jayne Sherman and Deby Zum

Charles B. Shields and Tom Keenan

Arthur Smith

Hank Stembridge and Theron Watson

Steven Thornton and Brad Coomer

Dean J. Trantalis

Russell Vance and Eddie Schwartz

Durrell Watkins and Robert Griffin



The Our Fund Foundation was launched in 2010 by a small group of committed activist philanthropists in response to the low ratio of philanthropy directed to LGBTQ organizations in the region, and across the country.



The Our Fund Foundation’s staff is comprised of individuals who provide their passion and expertise to help The Foundation achieve its long-term community impact and continue to address the community’s ever-changing social, cultural, and educational needs.



Made up of local leaders from diverse interests, skills and backgrounds, The Our Fund Foundation’s board of directors provides guidance for the Foundation’s financial stewardship, grantmaking, and community endeavors.